Access a hand picked collection of photography, audio and video material and learn about how it relates to the story of Battle of Britain House

The Sid Owen Collection

Mr Sid Owen received training at the Battle of Britain House between 1961 and 1962. His photo collection offers a unique look into the daily lives of the Stanyon family and their staff, who resided at the Battle of Britain House at the time.

OSS Training Films

During its early years, the US Office of Strategic Services had to quickly adapt to the performance of “ungentlemanly warfare”. One of the practical ways the OSS instructed their agents was training movies. Director Tom Ford, Holywood legend and 5-times Academy Award winner, was among those who volunteered their skills in creating movie material for the OSS :

House of Horrors

The House of Horrors was a training experience with many similarities to the popular fairground attraction of the same name. The trainee agent was asked to infiltrate a mysterious house with creaky floors and dark corridors, where danger awaited at every corner. The House of Horrors was a means to evaluate the reflexes and overall readiness of the agent ahead of deployment. The following film was shot by John Ford at OSS Training Camp B in Catoctin, MD.

Directed by John Ford
Undercover (1943)

Undercover : How to Operate Behind Enemy Lines in World War 2 was a one hour feature film by John Ford, shot in collaboration with the OSS. It was a training film designed to teach agents on the various aspects of being a spy in behind enemy lines. You can download, watch and keep the movie by clicking on the link below :