Beginning summer 2020, I have launched an informative walk around the site, for guests who want to know more about the history of Battle of Britain House. If you like obscure local history and the great outdoors, you’re welcome to join ! I perform regular walks in the summer, but I am also available ad-hoc.

The walk lasts 1 ½ hour and it is a very easy trek, suitable for all ages. We will visit the ruins of Battle of Britain House and its ancillary buildings, and scout the surrounding area for the remaining signs of its existence. I will relate the astonishing history of the site, and share research material such as books, photographs, press clippings, top secret manuals and other interesting artefacts.

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The current ticket cost is £15 per person (plus booking fee), and all proceeds go towards my research on Battle of Britain House. You can book your space below, or send me an email on

You can also :

  • Join the Battle of Britain House Facebook Group for the latest news, including scheduled walks
  • Check the alternative event booking page on the explorabilia travel site here
  • Or send me a message using this form :

Please note :

The ruins of the mansion are part of the Ruislip Woods conservation area. To protect the fragile ecosystem of the woods and to ensure your health & safety, please ensure you use the statutory footpaths, where possible, and be careful not to trample over rare flora.

In addition, the area around the site is dotted with holes, sharp glass and metal shards, stubs and branches, while the mansion’s steps are broken. All these are an accident hazard. Please exercise caution, and – as above – stick to the paths.

For more information on best practices, please read this post or consult the Ruislip Woods Management Plan