Support my effort

As an independent historical researcher, I am investing a lot of my personal time & money discovering and establishing all aspects of the history of Battle of Britain House, among other projects. Your support for the effort to preserve the memory of the site is important, and a small donation can go a long way.

Here’s a cost breakdown of the planned costs for achieving my future research targets pertaining to Battle of Britain House :

  • A 2-day visit to the archives at King’s College in Cambridge to establish the sequence of the site’s leaseholders accurately, as well as to discover any as yet unreported uses prior to the 20 century (approx. cost £200)
  • A 2-month genealogy online research of the Hertog / Van Den Bergh family trees to discover the real name of one of its most reclusive residents (approx. cost £100)
  • A 2-month international newspaper online archive research to uncover more past articles with direct references to the mansion and its residents (approx. cost £100)
  • A 5-day visit to the CIA archives at College Park, Maryland to research further evidence of the Rusilip site as an OSS training camp (approx. cost £2000)
  • A 2-day visit to the Wellcome Collection to reveal more about the reported use of the mansion as a Physical exercise and Hydrotherapy Centre, as well as the life of one of its earlier residents. (approx. cost £40)
  • A multi-day session to the National Archives at Kew, to research War Office and Secret Service reports, photos, records and other material pertaining to the wartime history of the Battle of Britain House (approx. cost £20 per day)

.. and the list goes on.

Please note : all these costs are currently covered by myself. I receive no support, grant, or funding for my research beyond my own means. So it would mean the world to me if you could get behind me on this project. Even £1/month can make a difference between me achieving a research goal or not. There are 3 ways to assist me in this effort :

A per creation payment, generated each time I post research work that qualifies
A one-off payment, generated only once
A per month payment, generated each month

Whichever you choose – I am thankful for your ongoing support in my quest to uncover more of the hidden history surrounding the Battle of Britain House !