This is where you can buy various items related to the Battle of Britain House. I have crafted everything you will see here. Every purchase from the store will help me towards reaching my research goals. Thank you for your support.

The Battle of Britain House: A Walk Through Ruislip Woods Audio Tour

I have created an audio tour about the history of the site with the help of Voicemap, an easy to use app that’s free to download on your phone. The tour lasts about 1 hour, and it’s reasonably easy to walk as it follows established trails for most of the way. The pleasant route will take you from Mad Bess Wood car park through the ruins of Battle of Britain House, onwards to Rusilip Lido and back – while I narrate the forgotten history of the site and relate memories of the Lido and Ruislip Woods in my mystically alluring foreign accent !

The app has an easy to follow map of the route, and audio player where you can start and stop as you please. You will have plenty time to wander the site, looking for clues – it’s very much a treasure hunt as well as a history tour ! The tour costs £5 / $6.99 per device. Please click on the image below to visit Voicemap, where you will find out more about downloading and using the app.