The Archive

In the Archive, you will find a variety of downloadable content relating to Battle of Britain House

Health Exercises

In this section, you can download Mrs Josef Conn’s Health Exercises. She was the first occupant of BoB House in 1904, and her Wellness for Ladies booklet was a sensation at the time.

OSS Manuals

In this section, you will find declassified OSS Manuals issued both during and after the war. These are the same procedures, skills, and techniques learnt by OSS trainees at BoB House

Top Secret Files

In the links below, you will be able to download and view the Secret Service files for some of the foreign agents who trained at the Battle of Britain House or worked with the OSS in London.

Propaganda Pamphlet

A pamphlet titled “I am a German Miner” authored by Kurt Gruber, a Free German OSS operative who trained at the mansion. The document describes the trials and tribulations of dissidents in Nazi Germany, and was published by the National Union of Scottish Mineworkers – of which Gruber was a member – after some time after July 1944 and before his fateful mission in March 1945.

Travel Documents

A 1915 passport held by Meyer Franklin Kline, the wealthy travel writer who resided at the mansion between 1920 and 1939. A dedicated round-the-world traveller, his trip took him from the US to London and onwards to Scandinavia in an effort to avoid transiting war-torn central Europe en route to Russia and overland to Japan.