Memory Lane : The Battle of Britain House Mysteries

This is a new section abound with the strange theories, unanswered questions and unsolved mysteries surrounding the ruin in Ruislip Woods. These are some of the most fascinating aspects of my research, and I am glad to share these with you! If you’re looking for answers, or even better, if you have them, this is the place.

If we can mobilize the collective memory of local and online communities, maybe we could shed some light into those mysteries, or answer some of these questions !

This area is constantly updated. If you have a story to add, or an answer, please contact me at or by using the form at the bottom of the page

What happened to Franklin M. Kline’s bronze animals after the 1984 fire?

Colette Brosse lived and worked at the mansion in the late 50’s or early 60’s. Do you have a memory of her ?

Where were the mansion’s top secret bunkers? Did these ever exist?

What was the purpose of the strange looking concrete mound in the pool area ?

Was the 1984 fire an accident, or was it arson?

Some say the mansion’s service didn’t cease at the end of WW2